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    The Niagara Falls City School District’s Purchasing Department is a service department dedicated to satisfying the needs of our staff and students by procuring items and services necessary to fulfill educational needs, enhance development and provide a healthy, happy environment in which all of our children can learn and grow. 

    Efforts are made at all times to exercise a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers by getting the most for their tax dollars while maintaining the guidelines established by General Municipal Law of the New York State Department of Education and the School District policy.



    The Purchasing Department, which is staffed by a Purchasing Agent, and one (1) Purchasing Clerk, is responsible for obtaining everything for the school district from automobiles to zephirne chloride, and services the needs of approximately 1,000 staff members, and 7,100 students.   

    This department is also responsible for maintaining and replenishing an inventory of high volume standard school supplies, copy paper, and custodial supplies valued in excess of $250,000 in the Central Warehouse, which can be found in our published Storeroom Catalog.  All furniture, fixtures, and equipment needed for new and existing building facilities are also procured by the Purchasing Department.

    The Central Warehouse, Central Receiving, and the Book Depository are also under the umbrella of responsibility of the Purchasing Agent, and work in conjunction with the Purchasing Department.   

    The District staff is offered two ways of spending budget dollars – through outside vendors and/or internally, through our District Central Warehouse.  Every effort is made to assure that the District is getting quality merchandise at the best prices by means of Formal Bids, Request for Quotations, and/or Proposals, or by purchasing from the New York State Contracts, the Industries of the Blind and Disabled, or the New York State Correctional Facilities.  

    The Purchasing Department is also responsible for selling outdated, unused items, vehicles, and buildings by means of school sales, bids, and auctions. 

    Potential Bidders

    Potential bidders are encouraged to register with this department by faxing  (716-286-4215), e-mailing (gmayes@nfschools.net),  or forwarding a letter, line card, and/or catalog requesting inclusion on our bid list, to our district Purchasing Office at 630- 66th Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14304.