• What services can the OSC provide?

    Studio production services

    • Non-linear editing services (current software in use: Pinnacle, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro)
    • NFHS event coverage
    • Training and documentary productions

    The OSC has guidelines that must be followed. 

    They include:

    • Scheduling channel time on a first-come, first-serve, nondiscriminatory basis
    • Giving preferred status to local educational institutions over others
    • Schools are the primary users having editorial control over programming
    • Scheduling of the channel is at the sole discretion of the OSC
    • Users may not be charged
    • The programming is to be created and produced by students and/or be educational in nature.

    As stated the staff of the OSC is made up of students.  Students from other school districts who are interested in working on OSC programming are encouraged to contact the OSC to get involved. Production services are possible if the Media Education Director is able to ensure the educational opportunity will benefit the students and the OSC.  Students must be involved in program creating in order to ensure a student ownership in the OSC.