• Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Non-Public Educated Students:


    For a student attending a non-public school, which district is responsible for providing the Special Education Services?

     The district in which the non-public school is located is responsible for all CSE responsibility and delivery of special education services. However, the school district of residence must have parental written consent in order to provide information (e.g. your child’s IEP) to the school district where the non-public school is located.

     What if you suspect that your child has a disability?

    The Committee on Special Education of the district where the non-public school is located should be sent a letter requesting a comprehensive evaluation.

     If the CSE has already determined that a student is eligible to receive Special Education Services, what is the process for ensuring that the services recommended will be delivered each school year?

    The parent/guardian must request services in writing, no later than June 1st, before the school year in which services are to be provided.  A written request should be sent to the district CSE office where the non-public school is located.