• District Health Office

    Any health care provider physical COMPLETED ON OR AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, 2016, will be accepted.  If this form is completed and returned, or if you provide the school nurse with a computerized copy of a physical completed by your child's health care provider, your child will not participate in the school physicals.  In accordance with New York State Law, the District Family Nurse Practitioner will provide a physical for students who do not return a completed physical examination form.  Upon parental request, parents are welcome to accompany their child during the physical exam.
    In order that the physical examinations completed by the District Nurse Practitioner be thorough and of real value to the student, it will be necessary for the student to remove some clothing.  Modesty will be maintained.  You may be present at the examination to confer with your School Registered Nurse or the District Nurse Practitioner.  Please contact you child's school nurse if you would like to be present for your child's physical exam.

    **New York State Education Law, Section 903, was amended to read "Each Health Certificate (physical exam) shall also state the student's body mass index (BMI) and weight status category...  each school and school district shall participate in surveys directed by the commissioner of health pursuant to the public health law in relation to student's BMI and weight status categories..." The Niagara Falls School District may be selected to report Student Weight Status Category information for the students in Pre-K, or K, and in grades 2, 4, 7 and 10.  PARENTS OR GUARDIANS MAY NOTIFY THE SCHOOL NURSE IN YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL IF YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR STUDENT'S BMI AND WEIGHT STATUS CATEGORY EXCLUDED IN THIS ANONYMOUS SURVEY.

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