• Loan of Technology to Nonpublic Students

    Smart Schools classroom technology shall be made available to nonpublic students who attend nonpublic schools within the school district upon their request. This loan process is consistent with existing practices of “loaning” instructional computer hardware to nonpublic students. Nonpublic students could only receive loans for classroom instructional technology such as laptops, tablets, computers, servers, and projects which expand broadband access and wireless internet connectivity.

    Such Smart Schools classroom technology is to be loaned free to nonpublic students, commencing with the 2014-15 school year, subject to such rules and regulations of the Board of Regents and school districts. This loan process is similar to the existing requirements for loaning technology to nonpublic students for computer hardware.

    The maximum funds which may be loaned to nonpublic students may be no greater than two hundred fifty dollars multiplied by the nonpublic school enrollment. This acts as a cap on school district technology loans to nonpublic schools but the statute also requires that districts make these loans on an equitable basis to nonpublic students within this maximum dollar amount.