• Rick Carella
    Rick Carella
    Administrator for Curriculum and Instruction

    To Parents, Guardians, and Friends:

    These are exciting, and stressful times for educators, parents and students. New York's participation in the federal Race to the Top initiative and adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards has resulted in unprecedented change. The teaching and learning process has become more rigorous in order to prepare students to be college and career ready by the time they complete high school.

    All students, regardless of their background and experiences, must have access to the best education possible. It is a civil right and the means by which we prepare them for political, social and economic life. Enhancing the teaching and learning process is our mission and our obligation. Lasting and meaningful progress can only happen when educators, parents, and students work together with the proper supports. The goal of the NFCSD Instructional Office, therefore, is to help create the systems, processes, and services that enable staff to increase learning for all students, regardless of individual challenges.