• Sunday Night Webinar


    We will be discussing WCAG 2.0 https://www.w3.org/TR/WCA20/

    This is a page for the Sunday night webinar.

    We will discuss

    Basic editing

    Text headers

    Underlined text

    Titles to links. Click here for Board of Education minutes.

    images and videos

    PDFs, Widgets. Pulg-ins and third party tools

    Color Contrast



    Some handy sites: 






    Here is some text to play with. NFHS Class of 1958 will hold its 60-year reunion September 7-9, 2018. Graduates and friends are welcome to attend the events and activities scheduled for the reunion weekend. For more information and registration materials, go to www.nfhs1958.com or contact Marty Morgan Troia at 716-754-7725.