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    Is your child frequently absent from school?

    Special Program Targets Students at all schools who have attendance issues.

    In its ongoing efforts to provide Learning For All …Whatever It Takes, the District has created a Truancy Prevention Officer position to assist students who have traditionally struggled with attendance. 

    The Be Cool Be In School Truancy Prevention Program will follow up with students who show a high rate of absenteeism. It helps students at Abate Elementary, Gaskill Prep School,  LaSalle Prep School, and Niagara Falls High School.

    Daily attendance at school is not only required by law, it is the  single greatest predictor of successful completion of a Kindergarten to grade 12 education. Without a high school diploma, a student faces a grim future.  

    Mr. Ron Cunningham will be available to assist families who may have   issues that complicate regular school attendance. His job is to help. He will also be coordinating with local community agencies that may be able to help. It is our goal to be of service and help students and families.

    Mr. Cunningham can be reached at 278-5814


  • Who Can Help?

    Ron Cunningham

    Truancy Prevention Office

    (716) 804-1858



    LoMax Barnes

    Family Support Assistant

     (716) 284-6598



    Thirty years ago most dropouts could still find jobs that paid enough to support a family, but young people who leave school today face a life time of economic hardship. Between 1974 and 2004, the annual earnings of families headed by a high school dropout declined by nearly a third.

    High rates of absenteeism or truancy, poor classroom behavior. Less participation in extracurricular activities, and bad relationships with teachers and peers all have been linked to lower chances for graduation.