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    To my Dear and Dedicated Tinker Timers,

    I would LOVE to continue to give you "Tinker Time Tasks" at home! It has brought me SO MUCH JOY to see your creations from at home over our Distant Learning Time! If you "choose" to ENRICH your mind with these tasks...PLEASE continue to send me pictures! I will post them on Dojo or my Webpage for all to ENJOY!

    Please remember, this is OPTIONAL not required. 

    Scroll down to see a few pictures from each Tinker Time Task!

    Friday, May 15, 2020

    Tinker Time Task #5

    Choose one of the 12 Engineering Design Challenges below for Tinker Time!

    Click Here

    Please share your design! 


    Friday, May 8, 2020

    Tinker Time Task #4 

    Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    Life Cycle of a Chicken

    After reading The Mysterious Tadpole this week and The Life Cycle of a Plant last week, design and create your own 3-D Life Cycle Representation. It can be The Life Cycle of a frog, a plant, a butterfly or any thing else you may be interested in! Please use any materials in your design that you would like or come to mind! 

    Happy Tinkering!  

    Student 3-D Life Cycle Creations

    Life Cycle of a Penguin

    Will Paterson's Life Cycle of a hedgehog and a penguin! 

    Friday, May 1, 2020

    Tinker Time Task #3

    Toilet Paper Roll Animals

    You did such an AMAZING job with your Animal Research Reports, here is an opportunity to design and create your animal from a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll and any other materials that you would like to use!

    Happy Tinkering! 

    Student Toilet Paper Roll Creations

    Student Project

     Makenna Brockett's Deer


    Susanna Hedgepeth's Llama and her Mama made a llama too! 


    Will Paterson's Toilet Paper Bears...Paddington and a black bear!


    Friday, April 24, 2020

    Tinker Time Task #2

    Cartoon Weather Vane

    After enjoying your Journeys story, Half Chicken, this week, design and create your own Weather Vane using the animal you selected for your Research Report!

    Please include:

                                     -the animal,

                                     -the arrow and

                                     -the North, South, East and West initials

    You can use any materials you have available at home! 

    Happy Tinkering!

    Weather Vane  

    Student Weather Vanes

    Student Weather Vane

    Dlyan Swartz's Weather Vane

    Weather Vanes

     Will Paterson's Weather Vane made from Legos and his mom made one too!!!!

    Student Weather Vane

    Susanna Hedgepeth's Llama Vane


    Tinker Time Task #1

    Boy with clock

    After a week of Measurement in Math, design and create your own Analog Clock out of any materials you can from home!

    It must have:

                        -numbers on the face of the clock for hours

                        -the hour hand and the minute hand

    It can have additional features as well! It is up to you!

    Happy Tinkering!


    Student Analog Clocks

    Student Clock

    William Patterson's Analog Clock made from Legos!

    Dog Clock

    Susanna Hedgepeth's Analog Clock in the form a dog!