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    Dearest Students,

         You did it! You successfully made it through Second Grade Enrichment ending with Remote Learning! I am so proud of you! What a challenge this has been for you, as a second grader, having to adjust to a new school/program and then having to adjust to learning at home all in the same school year! You are very strong and very capable young boys and girls, don't ever forget that!

         I have prepared some "Summertime Fun" on my Webpage for all subject areas! Please feel free to click and shine! You can also still commuicate with me on Mobymax Messenger! I will set up games for all of you to play together as well! I am learning a lot in my Teacher Webinars too! I have included some Flipgrids for Literacy! I will enjoy seeing and listening to you while viewing them throughout the summer! 

         Lastly, I would like to say that I have missed you and I will miss you all. As I told you in the video, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful and kind-hearted children and it was my pleasure to have the opportunity to teach you this year! I loved having you in my class and hearing about your favorite memories through your videos! It was hard to choose one and even though all of you picked a different memory, I agree, they were all my favorite! I was so discouraged when I learned that I was not able to end the year with you, but I am very excited to get to see you on Tuesday...even if it is from a distance! I will be waiting with Mocha, Gigi and maybe Kobe too!

         Remember to always "make your mark" and make it a good one...always think your best, give your best and do your best!  

    Sad summer smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli