• Social Studies Work for the Week of April 27, 2020

    All Assignments are due Friday, May 1st! 

    Dog at desk

    Click to view the BrainPop Junior Video on The President

    After enjoying the video and listening to the story below,

    complete the Easy Quiz, Hard Quiz and Write About It!


    President Book  

    Click to enjoy this story read to you If I Ran For President!

    Complete the Write About It Task from Brainpop Junior in >>>

    Mobymax Writing Assignments.

    Task: Write a letter to the President telling him one thing you think needs to be improved in our country. Please include all the parts of a Friendly Letter: Date, Greeting, Body of Letter, Closing, and Signature!

    Happy Writing!

    *You can also enjoy any of the other learning on Brainpop Junior!