• Language Arts Work for the Week of April 13, 2020

    All Assignments are due Friday, April 17, 2020!

    Journeys - Lesson 23

    Boy reading on a hill   

    We are on this "Distant Learning JOURNEY" together!

    Day 1

    Read pages 274-297: New Vocabulary and The Goat in the Rug 

    Click for your Journeys Book Volume 2  


    Recounting and Main Events: Identify Main Events in a Story

     Day 2

     Reread pages 274-297: New Vocabulary Words and The Goat in the Rug 

    Think about and answer mentally the questions on page 300. 

    Click for your Journeys Book Volume 2


    Recounting and Main Events: Identify Key Ideas in a Story

    Day 3


    Recounting and Main Events: Use an Events Sequence Map 

     Pencil and Paper

    Journeys Informative Writing on MobyMax 

    Log onto MobyMax, click on the Writing Assignments Icon and complete an Informational Paragraph explaining step by step how Glenmae makes yarn in the story The Goat In The Rug. More detailed instructions are written in your Assignment in Moby Max! This is due Friday. Happy Writing!

    Day 4

    Read pages 302-309: The informational Text Basket Weaving, Grammar and Infomational Writing 

    Click for your Journeys Book Volume 2 


    Recounting and Main Events: Recounting a Story in Your Own Words

    Pencil and Paper

    Continue Journeys Informative Writing on MobyMax 

    Day 5


     Compound Words

    Pencil and Paper

    Continue and Complete Journeys Informative Writing on MobyMax 

    Boy reading book

    Journeys Extra Reading Books

    Click Your Level Below, Read and Log

    Happy Reading!




    Textiles From Around The World

    *Extra, Extra for Language Learners

    Complete a FOUR SQUARE MAP using the Vocabulary word

    craft- making things by hand

    *Family Enrichment for Language Learners

    Click for Journeys Family Connection 

    Picture of Owl