• Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #9

    Dear Parents,

            I regret to inform you that this will be my last letter of communication on my Webpage to you! You will defintely hear from me again on Dojo, though! I will post a letter next week, but it will be for your child. I am not ready to say goodbye to them just yet! 

         This week has the last lesson for Journeys, Lesson 30. Your child has completed ALL of the Journeys Curriculum required for the year! Thank you for your continual support and please make sure your child has handed in all of their Writing Assignments on Mobymax. I am just providing review for Math this week. We have finished the Math Curriculum as well! Next week for Monday and Tuesday I will post some Summer Fun! It will be things your child can have fun with while reviewing from their learning that took place this year. Feel free to log onto my Webpage throughout the summer for your child to use any of the sites on my "Wonderful Websites" page!    

         Please do not forget to send a video (2 minutes or less) of your child answering the questions in the letter below. The due date was Friday, but I am extending it until this Monday, June 1st. Mr. Paterson and I thank you for your cooperation!  

         I would just like to end by thanking you for all of your support this year. It was truly a pleasure to teach your children. They were not only a well-behaved, respectful and fun-loving class, but one of the sweetest and most innocent group of children I have ever taught. They were a joy to teach and a pleasure to be around everyday. I was saddened when we had to end the year, and most of all because they were so wonderful! I missed them, I miss them and I will miss them next year. You should be proud of the job you are doing in raising such polite, respectful, dedicated and loving children! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your child!

         As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything!   

    Summer smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli 

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #8

    Dear Parents,

         In honor of Memorial Day, your child's work day will begin on Tuesday, May 26th. The children will have the option and opportunity of continuing Mrs. McGrath's STEM Project again this week. Therefore, I am giving the children the incentive of a Free Friday again. Hopefully, they will take the time to finish their STEM Project.

          Mr. Paterson, Will's dad, has kindly offered to create a class video for the students for the end of the year! He is requesting a 2 minute video of your child, answering the following questions.   

    1. What did you like most about Second Grade Enrichment?

    2. What is your favorite memory of Second Grade Enrichment?

    3. What did you miss most about being in class together?

    4. What are you most excited about this summer?

         I am asking that you record your child by this Friday, May 29th, and send it directly to my email tnavarroli@nfschools.net. I will then forward all videos to Mr. Paterson.

         I am so thankful to Mr. Paterson for doing this! It was his idea and I think the children will LOVE it!

         As always, thank you for your support!

    Video smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli        

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter # 7

    Dear Parents,

         I am excited to announce that I have posted both "Worthy Writing" and "Proud Poetry" that your child has submitted to their Mobymax Writing Assignments! I could not be more proud of their writing accomplishments! Please view and enjoy their stellar work under the appropriate titles on my Webpage! 

         Also, Mrs. McGrath, our very helpful and knowledgeable STEM Coach, has taken the time to create a wonderful Enrichment STEM Project especially for our students! It nicely meets the needs of your child as a student in The Enrichment Program. It is optional, but I would really like the children to receive the fullest experience from it. Therefore, I am assigning work Monday through Thursday as normal, and allowing a FREE and FUN Friday as an incentive, to give your child the time and opportunity to view and hopefully participate in this project! It will be available on our SUPER SCIENCE SECTION! If your child chooses to participate, it will not have to be completed until Friday, May 29, 2020!

         As always, please do not hestitate to contact me with any questions and concerns.



    Mrs. Navarroli    


    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter # 6

    Dear Parents,

         Thank you for keeping learning alive...you have reached Week Five! I am so pleased with the work your children are completing! They are working so diligently and still finding the time to do some extras! I am also enjoying reading their communication to each other on Mobymax. They are expressing kind words, warm thoughts and grateful gestures! It is so wonderful to see and read!  

         I have added two new websites on my Webpage under Wonderful Websites. They are Smithsonian Junior K-4 and Kiddle Search Engine. Another safe search engine for your little ones! Enjoy them at your convenience! 

         I hope this week brings you a lot of learning enjoyment with your child. Trying times have a way of bringing people closer together. Enjoy every minute of learning with your child...it can be exciting seeing new things through the eyes of a child!! I miss those moments!

    Week Five Smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #5

    Dear Parents,

         Thank you AGAIN for your continual support and dedication! Your children are doing a FABULOUS job! I continue to be proud of them everyday! 

         May the Fourth be with you today! I added a Star Wars Website on my Wonderful Websites page for your child to enjoy, if they would like...it is optional! 

         I LOVE the Journeys story this week, The Mysterious Tadpole and I am sure your child will enjoy it as well! There is also POETRY for writing this week. I am very excited about this! I love to read children's heart-felt written poetry!

         Please contact me with any questions or concerns! 

    May Fourth Smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli 

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #4

    Dear Parents,

         Kudos to you, your child did a great job through Week #2! Thank you for all of your continued support, consistency and dedication! I am so proud of your child's continual effort and progress. I continue to enjoy reading their writing and I am so happy to see their diligence with typing. It is quite a feat for a second grader!

         If you haven't already, please click onto our Tinker Time page to see some student creations! I will post 2 photos a week. The student clocks have been featured and soon the weather vanes will be posted. I will also post the new Tinker Time Task on Thursday. (It will require an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, if you would like to save one ahead of time for the task.)

         Mrs. Cino (Our Math Coach) called me to a 365 Meeting to show me all of the hard work she is doing to set up a Nearpod Video on Exemplars for parents and children. Please tell your child to be expectant of Exemplar Practice in the weeks to come! The children are EXCELLENT with Exemplars! I look forward to them practicing again. Please also tell them it was Mrs. Cino's idea to put them on Teams with Fluency on Mobymax! They will see it when they open up the Fluency Icon!

         Have a great Webpage week! 

    Learning Smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli  

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #3 

    Happy Monday, Parents!

         Thank you for a productive first week of our Online Distant Learning! I enjoyed writing to and monitoring your children on MobyMax! I am also enjoying all of the lovely photographs and videos of my little Second Grade Enrichment, darlings! Thank you for taking the time to send them! 

         Thank you to those who participated in the Enrichment and Tinker Time Tasks! There are new Enrichment Tasks for Math as well as a Tinker Time Task to go along with our Journeys Reading, Half Chicken. I will post that after the first day of reading the story on Monday. 

         If you haven't noticed, I have a page titled "Letters From Furry Friends". This page includes letters that Miss Kristina sent written from Wagner, a dog puppet that the children came to know and love during her lessons on Health and Wellness. I will also include letters from my fur babies! Please let the children know they are there, so they can read them! I am ceratain Wagner will brighten their spirits!  

         As always, thank you for your support and continue to contact me if you have any questions! 

    More Webpage smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli 

    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #2

    Dear Parents,

         On my Wepage you will find the weekly learning expecations for your child. How and when you decide to have your child work each day is up to you. I will be tracking your child's progress on MobyMax. There is a section called Real Time where I am able to see your child working! 

        Try not to worry, this is new to all of us. Take peace in knowing that I know my children (your children). After spending 7 months with them, I know their strengths and areas that need improvement. I know their likes and dislikes. I know what they are interested in and where their passion lies.

         I also know, who will finish quickly and want more work! Therefore, I provided many Extra and Enrichment Activities. The Extra and Enrichment Activities with an asterisk* are OPTIONAL. Please feel free to complete them and send pictures to me on Dojo! (Our roles are reversed on Dojo...now I am the one who wants to see pictures of my children!) However, they are not a requirement as everything else is!

         As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

    Webpage Smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli

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    Letter in envelope with pencil

    Letter #1

    Greetings of Good Health and Safety! 

    Dear Parents,

         Thank you for your continual communication and support through our Classroom Dojo! I have enjoyed the pictures, letters, completed assignments and most of all your child's "Tinker Time" creations from the tasks I assigned over the past 3 weeks! Thank you for keeping the joy of Tinker Time active for your children! The Engineering Process is so beneficial to my class of life long learners! 

         We will continue with our remote learning in the weeks to come. What I have provided you with on Classdojo and MORE, will be available on my Webpage! I will use both My Webpage and Classdojo to communicate with you. I will continue to be consistent on Classdojo since that is what we are accustomed to, but I will enable EVEN MORE learning for your children through my Webpage.    

    To My Lovely Students,

         Thank you for keeping learning alive! I am enjoying monitoring your progress on Mobymax in all subjects areas! I have also enjoyed writing to you (My fur baby did too!) and reading your responses through your Writing Assignments! I can't forget the joy of viewing your dedication to the given Tinker Time Task brought me!

         I am proud of your commitment to Second Grade Enrichment and look forward to the days we get to spend together again!! Remember to keep EVERYTHING clean!  

    Click for...Proper Hand Washing by Baby Shark! 


    Butterfly smiles,

    Mrs. Navarroli