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    Girl Poet

    Below are Poems written by Mrs. Navarroli's Second Grade Enrichment Students

    in response to the story The Mysterious Tadpole written by Steven Kellogg.

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    I do like Alphonse,

    He is very silly and very cute.

    If I was him

    I wouldn't know what to do!

    He is very big and friendly too.

    I would be friends with him, what about you?

    I wouldn't like him to be my pet,

    but maybe he’s just right for you!

    He’s a little too big for me.

    I would put him in a pool.

    What about you?

    Written by Alexa Hetrick

     My Little Monster

    By Dylan Swartz

       I got my little monster on my birthday!

         He looked like a tadpole in every way.

          I promised to take good care of him. 

          I even taught him how to swim!

         I fed him delicious burgers, they are his favorite.

              He was getting so big, I told him to slow down and savor it!

           My little monster was not so little anymore.

              He ate so many burgers he couldn't fit through the door!

               But I still love my little monster, he's my best friend.

             I hope we stay friends until the end. 

     I think that Alphonse is a very interesting creature.

    He kept on grrrrowing.

    I don't think that Alphonse is the best pet.

    He is not ordinary animal,

    He was a tadpole,

    Now he is a monster. (He is unknown.)

    Written by Hailey Collins

     Alphonse the Strange and Cool Pet

    Written by Judaeya Faltisco 

    Alphonse is a very strange pet, he doesn't look like a tadpole.

    He grows bigger every day.

    He went from living in a jar to a sink to a bathtub.

    No pet is as strange and big as Alphonse. 

    That's what makes him special!

    I think that although Alphonse is strange he's still an awesome pet! 

    Alphonse is awesome!

     Alphonse would be a very nice pet if he wasn't so big. 

    I'm glad he's not a pig. 

    Hopefully, he doesn't eat all the food,

    Cuz that would put me in a very bad mood.  

    With him, I'd love to play. 

    We could stay outside all day!

    Written by Lily Hood

     Alphonse is nice  

    He likes hamburgers but not rice    

    He's green with orange dots

    That look like spots

    He just keeps on growing

    He sees people rowing.

    Written by Makenna Brockett

     Big, Fat Alphonse

    by Noah Florio

    Alphonse is big and fat.

    He is bigger than a cat!

    He takes up the whole shower,   

    And he has a lot of power!

    Eventually he needed a pool,

    To keep himself nice and cool!

    A Mysterious Pet

    Written by Susanna Hedgepeth :)     

    Alphonse was just a tadpole, they said,

    But really he was much more than that.   

    He was much too big, but, part of it was,

    That hamburgers were all he liked.

    Louis took Alphonse every day, to a public pool. After the summer, he was in trouble,

    When all of the students came to school.

    Even though, he can get in trouble, with Alphonse,

    You are unstoppable! :)

       A tadpole doesn't grow to be enormous.

    A tadpole doesn't take up the whole room.

    A tadpole isn't very funny either.

    A tadpole wouldn't scare a swimming coach.

    A tadpole wouldn't break an antique lamp.

    A tadpole wouldn't go to school for dogs.

    A tadpole wouldn't play a soccer game.

    Why'd they think that Alphonse was a tadpole?

    Written by Will Paterson