• Language Arts Work for the Week of May 26, 2020

    All Assignments are due Friday, May 29, 2020!

    Memorial Day  

    NOTE* I will not give work for Memorial Day.

    This week will be one day less of work! You can begin Day 1 on Tuesday.

    Enjoy and honor those we love! 

    Journeys - Lesson 29

    Boy reading on a hill   

    We are on this "Distant Learning JOURNEY" together!

    Essential Question: What good things happen when people work together?

    Day 1

    Boy reading book

    Read pages 482-503: New Vocabulary Words and Two of Everything

    Unit 6  


    How Characters Respond to Challenges: 

    Identify Problem and Solution in a Story


     Day 2

    Boy reading book

     Reead pages 482-503: New Vocabulary Words and Two of Everything

    Also read pages 504-507. 

    Think about and answer mentally the questions on page 506 like we would do in class!. 

    Unit 6 


    How Characters Respond to Challenges: 

    Describe How Characters Respond to Problem and Solution in a Story



    Day 3



    Reflexive Pronouns 


    Pencil and Paper  

    Journeys Response Writing on MobyMax 

    Read page 507 Write About Reading in your Journeys Book. In your MobyMax Writing Assignments complete the Response on page 507. More detailed instructions are in MobyMax! This is due Friday!

    If you chose to participate in the STEM Project by Mrs. McGrath, then you are to complete that Writing Assignmet instead of this one.  

    Happy Response Writing!  

    Day 4

    STEM sign


    Mrs. McGrath, our very helpful and knowledgeable STEM Coach, has taken the time to create a wonderful Enrichment STEM Project especially for you! It nicely meets the needs of you as a student in The Enrichment Program. It is optional, but I would really like you to receive the fullest experience from it. Therefore, I am assigning work Tuesday through Thursday as normal, and allowing a FREE and FUN Friday again this Friday as an incentive, to give you the time and opportunity to hopefully participate in this project! It will be available on our SUPER SCIENCE SECTION!

    If you choose to participate, it will not have to be completed until Friday, May 29, 2020!

    *Extra, Extra for Language Learners (OPTIONAL)

    Complete a FOUR SQUARE MAP using the Vocabulary word

    values - people's ideas about what is important in their lives

    *Enrichment for the Month of May (OPTIONAL)

    If at any time you plant a seed of something in the month of May,

    please send me a picture! This will be an enriched activity!

    *Weekly Family Enrichment for Language Learners

    Lesson Numbers are shown at the bottom of the pages.

    Click for Journeys Family Connection 

    Picture of Owl