• Welcome to Mr. Marcantonio's Awesome 6th Grade Webpage!!!


                                                        Maple Avenue School

             I welcome all of our families back to school! I hope that everyone is safe and healthy as we make our way through this time. I know you are all ready and eager to learn! You can use the sidebar to guide your selections if and when work has been added. I have included my email address so you can reach out to me if you need any help or have any questions. I continue to appreciate the dedication and diligence of our families in working together to keep our children learning! This webpage is still under construction, so please be patient! Thank you!


    IDEA: Pop open another tab! Leave this page open with the webpage instructions. Go in the other tab to do your work. Then, you can go back and forth as needed! (The section you just read might need to be used soon to help guide our work!)          


                                                         Link to my email: