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    Mrs. Navarroli LOVES to write, but not as much as I LOVE to read the writing of my students!

    It brings me so much JOY! I am thinking it will bring JOY to all who read it as well!

    Therefore, I am spreading the JOY of writing! 

    Read below for some wonderful weekly Writing Assignments

    written by Second Grade Enrichment Students!

    May 1, 2020

    Dear Mr. President,

         My name is Lily Hood. I am seven years old, and I go to Harry F. Abate Elementary in Niagara Falls, New York. I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and my older sister, Audrey who is 10 years old. 

         I have been thinking about ways we can change our country. One way is to collect enough money from taxes to make a pollination center to pollinate flowers and plants. The people could come and pollinate the flowers and plants. The benefit of this pollination center idea is to help save the bees. 

         Thank you for your time in reading my letter.

    Bee smiles,

    Lily Hood

    If I was Mayor I would make a law to reduce air pollution. I would make signs to convince people to ride their bikes instead of driving. As Mayor, I would fill in all the pot holes. There would be more Police Officers walking around to keep people safe! I would visit schools, to teach kids about a Mayor's job!

    Written by Alexa Hetrick

    Life Cycle of a Plant Written by Cherish Blackmon

    First a plant is planted. Then after the plant gets water, sun and nutrients it will sprout. It will get more water, then get roots of the plant. After the sprout gets more water, sun and nutrients. Every plant has its own way to get nutrients. Soon it will grow more. It will be a full grown plant. All plants have different ways to survive.

    Komodo Dragons by Dylan Swartz

         Today I am going to tell you some cool facts about the Komodo Dragon! It is the largest living reptile in the world and it is found in the Indonesian islands of  Komodo, Rinca and Gili Motang. They are the dominant predators where they live. They have dark scaly skin that is usually black, brown, or dark grey. Their big eyes, big mouth, strong jaws, and sharp claws help them catch their prey. Komodo Dragons have small ears that allow for good hearing and their tail is usually longer than their body. They look like dragons! Weighing up to 200lbs they can grow as long as 10 feet long with a speed of up to 12mph.

          Komodo Dragons are carnivores which means they only eat meat. They eat pigs, deer, snakes, fish, and water buffalo! They will also eat their kind so they are cannibals too!!! They have jagged, shark-like teeth and their saliva has so much bacteria that it will poison their prey within 24 hours! After they bite their prey they will follow it until it dies then eat it!

          To me, the Komodo Dragon is not only interesting but scary too! With all these facts it's no wonder that they are the most dominant predators where they live.


                                                                                                                                                                 April 7, 2020

    Dear Mrs. Navorrli,

          I really miss you! A few days ago a BEE landed on a plant in my yard! It looked like it was pollinating! It was SO cool to observe! 

          I also have been going to beaches to look for sea glass! The clear sea glass is easy to find because not many people want clear sea glass! I've found 4 light blue sea glass, 92 clear sea glass, 1 pink sea glass, 23 green sea glass and 5 brown sea glass! 

          I really hope school returns!!!!!!!!!!                     

    Outside smiles,


          This is how to plant a flower.  A flower will not sprout until certain things happen.  First you need to put a seed in or on soil.  Then you have to water it or it rains to soak the seed and soften the seeds coat.  Then when the sun shines the seed will break open to start growing.  Next the shoot starts growing bigger and bigger to the sun.  The leaves make food for the plant from the water and minerals in the soil, sunlight, and air.  At last the plant is full grown into a flower someday it will. Then someday a new seed to grow.  It is not easy to plant a flower anytime and any where.         

    Written by Makenna Brockett

    Pet’s Perspective

    Written by Noah Florio

    Hello, everyone! I'm Jack and I'm a cat. But my owners think I act like I'm a dog. I protect the house from bugs. Whenever there is an ant inside, it goes in my tum tum!! I wonder why any other bugs are never here?  I've always wanted to go into the BIG CLOSET!!! I've been in EVERY other room at home!!! I also wonder why the boys aren’t going to the SCHOOL place? I don't even know what SCHOOL is!! I know what it is called because they talk about it at home!! But my question is, WHY?! IT'S WEIRD!!! WHY?! Anyway, I never get to go outside. Oop! Its bath time!! Meow to you later!!!   


    My name is Riley Christman, I am the Mayor of Niagara falls. I have a few ways I would like to improve our community and I want to share them with you.

    First, I would plant more trees to get fresh air around our city. I would tell the factories to stop putting smoke into the air because it makes it harder to breathe. A lot of times when driving with my family I can see all the smoke from the factories.

    I also would have a "litter crew" to clean and pick up trash and glass people threw around our community. If the litter crew saw someone littering they would give them a ticket to make them stop. Littering is mean to the Earth, disgusting and could hurt someone. I went for a walk with my friend and we saw a lot of trash on the ground.

    I would have cameras put on stop signs to catch people who drive through the signs and don't stop. It would take a picture of the car and send it to the police. It would also be able to catch cars that are driving the wrong way on a one way street. My mom and I saw 3 times cars driving the wrong way and they didn't care. We were on our way to school one day when a car drove through a stop sign and we almost crashed. 

    Lastly, the elderly people in our community are lonely and sometimes have no family to visit them. To fix this children starting in the 1st grade through 12th grade should go on field trips and visit with them for a few hours. They can have snacks, share stories, play games, make music and have fun. My grandma is older and uses a walker and can't drive to our house when she wants to see us. She gets lonely and she would like to spend more time with us. A lot of the time we see her it is when my mom has to take her to a doctor’s appointment and not to just play and hang out.  

     Making Yarn with Susanna

            To begin with, sharpen your scissors. After your scissors are neatly sharpened, use them to cut off a goat's or sheep's wool/mohair to use to make the yarn. Then wash the wool and chop up the roots from a Yucca plant. Since you washed the wool it will be wet, so hang it up to dry. Once the wool is dry, remove all the twigs and leaves from it. Now, the last step is to spin the wool into yarn. And that is how to make yarn. 

    -Susanna Hedgepeth

    A Life of a Plant

    Written by Treasure Blackmon

    A plant starts off as a seed. You plant it and then you water and wait. And then it grows a stem. Then it grows a leaf. Then it is a flower. And it get its fruit. And it produces a new plant. I forgot to tell you how a plants survives. It needs water, sunlight, soil, and air.

    April 28, 2020


    Dear President Trump,


    I am 7 years old and my letter is about coronavirus.


    I heard that you and Congress sent money to local hospitals to try to help people with coronavirus. Thank you for doing that.


    I hope you can slow coronavirus down in the United States of America. I think you should not rush to open everything right away. Because people could give the virus to other people.


    Thank you for your time.


    Yours respectfully,


    William Edward Paterson

    Pet's Perspective

    Written by Winter Lay 

    Hi, I'm Winter's cat Kylo! I wanted to say hello and I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I've been keeping busy playing with Winter and my favorite toys! I love having her home with me all day, even though her baby sister likes to pull my tail. Ouch! I love looking out the window and staring at the birds and squirrels go by. And I love taking naps on the couch. I also like to sit down with Winter. I also like it when she pets me. And I like it when she wakes up and says good morning to me since everyone else is doing something else. She's been very good and she's doing well at all of the work in the package that the school sent her. Everything is going well with Winter here.    

                                                                                                                                        Cat smiles,