• In Class

    Each student is required to complete notes and assigned work given in class.

    Students are also required to participate in classroom discussions.

    Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom to go to lockers.

    Bathroom will only be allowed after the first ten minutes and before the last ten minutes of class(as per administration)

    Students will also be not be permitted to go to the bathroom during teacher led time, this is to make sure no explanantions are missed.

  • Tests and Quizzes

    Quizzes can be announced or be a surprise, they are short in length designed to take 10-15 minutes.

    Quizzes are based upon one or two topics.

    Tests will be announced multiple days ahead of time and are timed to fit into one class length.

    Tests are designed to include many topics from any point in the year.

    Students are required to show all work to receive credit, no credit will be issued for only answers.

    It is the students responsibilty to make up missed tests and quizzes due to absences.

    Students can make corrections for half credit back during the tests marking period, this can only be done once per test.  Students need to follow the test correction format to receive credit:

    Correction(all work)                                        Written explanation of steps to solve problem


  • Notebooks

    Students are expected to keep an organized notebook.

    Students can have either a 1.5 binder of any color 


    Folder and either spiral or composition notebook.

    It is the students responsibilty to keep their work organized and labeled properly.

  • Homework

    Students will have homework everyday.  

    Students will receive full credit if all problems are attempted with all required work shown.

    No work, no credit.

    Homework is due the next day.  Even absent students can complete the homework since we are now digital.  Being absent is not an excuse.

    Late homework will receive half credit.

    Late homework can only be handed in until the end of each five weeks.

    Students work should have the correct heading:

    Name                                                             Period

    Assignment                                                     Date