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    Hi! It's Mrs. Sonnenberger the librarian 😺

    Any questions about your library log in, the library page, databases, or the library itself just please email me dsonnenberger@nfschools.net or chat in Office 365 Teams.

    I would love to hear from you!

    Your log in for the library site is the same as your log in you use when you first sign onto a school computer. It is in the upper right hand corner on the library site. You only need to do this for your account or to access databases. Watch this Destiny Library Video for how to get started using the site. Now click on the link below to get to our site!

    Gaskill's Library Site 

    Got an opinion on a book? Write a review! Read this and watch this to know how.

    Helpful Tips:

    21st Century Afterschool Form

    Databases (Learning Links) may also need the password: empirelink

    The eBooks tab shows covers of eBooks from BOCES so use the password: onboces

    Try this great eBook site using School Name: New York Reads (start typing then select it) Username: read Password: books MyON books

    Not sure what to read? Want to let me try and pick you one? Answer a few Book Suggestion Questions and I'll deliver a book to your home base for you.

    Infographic on growth mindset

Last Modified on May 30, 2023