• Miss Lutey Grade 8 Algebra


    LaSalle & Gaskill Students

    Period 2, 4, & 7

    Please read the following message!

    In order to access, complete, and receive credit for the 40 week marking period, you must click on the link below.

    This is going to take you to Mr. Speidel's webpage. 8th grade Math teachers are working together to upload weekly assignments.

    All of my 8th grade Algebra students from LaSalle and Gaskill Preparatory will be asked to complete the work by clicking on the link below.

    Each 8th grade student will send a picture through Text Remind or by E-mail to their math teacher in order to recieve credit for the given assignment. 

    Go through the assignments daily and you must submit your work by the due date in order to recieve credit.








Last Modified on April 8, 2020