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    LaSalle Preparatory School

    English Language Arts

    Grade 8 

    Mrs. Zona

    We are going to start a new Amplify unit called Holocaust: Memory & Meaning. This unit focuses on events that occured in Germany and other places in Europe from 1932-1945 which lead to the genocide (deliberate killing) against Jewish people and other targeted groups. 

     The materials we will read and analyze present events from several different perspectives; perpetrators, survivors, victims, bystanders, and witnesses. As we move through the unit we will develop an understanding of the strategies Nazis used to influence the mindset of a nation, and the human responses to the unfolding of genocide.

     Two key questions we will explore include:

    1. How do a society and its people become participants in such an atrocity?

    2. What is the responsibility of those who experienced, witnessed, participated in, or who now learn about these events?

     (Information excerpted from Amplify ELA)

     Additional background information can be found as a link at the top or left side of this page. 

     Below you will see the lessons for completing Amplify Online Assignments or Amplify Offline Hardcopy Assignments. They should remind you of how our lessons have been set up on our board throughout the year. Please be sure to read the directions on each slide/page carefully and if using Amplify online click Hand In to submit all of your work. There is a link to symbaloo below to help you quickly access Amplify.

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    Check out the lessons below 

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     All work is due Tuesday 6/9/2020. 


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