Student Attendance Intervention Plan Summary

  • Rationale

    Student often require assistance in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for effective life management, and academic / professional success.  Research and our own data have revealed a strong correlation between regular school attendance and academic achievement.  Our goal is to identify students at-risk for attendance as early as possible in the school year, and to provide targeted tiered intervention in support of improved attendance, achievement, and life management skills.

    Attendance Intervention Plan Phases

    1) Identification of Target Students

    Ongoing communication with Homebase teachers will alert the Dean of Students of individual student attendance trends and concerns.  Students who have accumulated five (5) or more absences and / or incidents of tardiness in any five-week attendance period (updated throughout the year) will be identified for intervention.

    2) Needs Assessment & Parent Involvement

    We recognize that parent involvement is vital to a child's academic success.  Phone calls, letters, parent meetings at school, and home visits will be utilized to inform parents of their child's attendance status and proactively encourage cooperation in support of progress.  Emphasis will be placed on helping parents understand how a healthy home environment, that includes time for sleep and study, supports academic success.  To assist families and the school in the identification of behaviors and attitudes that lead to absenteeism and truancy, a School Refusal Assessment may be administered.  This assessment, which identifies the functions of student absenteeism and tardiness, will assist in the identification of appropriate intervention strategies.

    3) Instruction

    LaSalle Preparatory School has adopted a school-wide approach to discipline known as Positive Behavior Management (PBM).  PBM promotes strategies intended to change the focus of our school's disciplinary efforts toward positive reinforcement of desired student behaviors without compromising our expectations for compliance.  In addition to consequences, we believe that there should also be rewards for positive behavior.

    Our instructional PBM approach to attendance intervention is based upon the following principles

    • Negative consequences do not change negative student attitudes about school
    • Positive reinforcement produces long term change
    • Negative consequences can increase the frequency of tardiness and absenteeism
    • Life and time management skills can be taught and learned through positive reinforcement
    • Incremental reinforcement allows students to observe and appreciate even small improvements in attendance
    • Attendance improvement must always be reinforced no matter how long it takes

    Comprehensive school-wide activities will be designed to support the Instructional Phase of Intervention.  Building signs, morning announcements, and school-wide attendance incentives will be regularly incorporated into the program.  In consultation with the Dean of Students and / or School Counselor, targeted at-risk students will develop attainable short-term attendance goals with a schedule of rewards.  Daily attendance will be tracked and posted for the individual student's review, creating a positive accountability system in support of short and long-term change.  Regular contact with the School Counselor will facilitate meaningful dialogue about the habits and behaviors required for consistent attendance and academic achievement.  This regular dialogue will reinforce the student-school relationship and provide the student with an expanded support network.

    4) Referral & Support 

    The responsibilities for assuring the implementation of the interventions identified in our plan are shared by all staff.  The administration of LaSalle Preparatory School will support all attendance interventions by providing practical assistance in initiating communication between students, parents, staff, and our partner agencies.  Student attendance remains a component of LaSalle Preparatory School's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, while teachers and staff are provided with continuous support and training with regard to attendance policies, procedures, and guidelines.