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    LaSalle Preparatory School Students are… Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Bully Free


    LaSalle Preparatory School has adopted a school-wide approach to discipline known as Positive Behavior. Positive behavior promotes strategies intended to change the focus of our school’s disciplinary efforts toward positive reinforcement of desired student behaviors.  In addition to the traditional consequences for inappropriate behavior, our staff believes that positive behavior should be rewarded.


    Our approach to positive behavior is based upon the following principles:

    • Negative consequences do not change student attitudes

    • Positive reinforcement of good behavior produces long term change

    • Negative consequences sometimes increase the frequency of misbehavior

    • Self-control can be taught and learned through positive reinforcement

    • Incremental reinforcement allows students to observe and appreciate even small improvements in behavior

    • Final compliance with adult authority must always be reinforced no matter how long it takes.


    Our Sponsors:  

    In support of the Positive Behavior initiative LaSalle Prep School coordinates a school - wide incentive program to reward students observed displaying desirable behaviors.   

    Thanks to our community business partners students observed being Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Bully Free receive reward coupons making them eligible for weekly prizes.


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