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  • Your Sketchbook

    Let's begin by drawing in our sketchbooks every week. 


    If you do not have a sketchbook you can use any paper you have available at home. All you need is a pencil, but feel free to use color if you like. One of the best ways to improve your drawing ability is through observational drawing.  For the ideas in the web link try to find the object at home to look at. In the website you will see "What can I Draw?" followed by "100 Objects to Draw" listed. Lets get started right away! You may begin anywhere on the list.


    On the top of your sketch page put your name, the number/objects name (from list of 100 objects), and the period you have art!

    Snap a Picture of your drawing and upload it to the 'sketchbook' section of your Art Notebook in Teams.


    100 Objects to draw

Last Modified on September 20, 2020