LaSalle Preparatory School Health

  • Overview

    This information is provided as an overview of Health instruction for students in grade 7. This year, each 7th grade student will receive thirteen weeks of instruction in Health education.

    The basis of the Health curriculum for grade 7 is a combination of topics from three programs.

    Life Skills Training emphasizes the development of important personal and social skills. Some of the material included in the program relates to acquiring general life skills such as responsible decision-making, assertiveness, and self-improvement. Other material relates in a more direct and specific way to the problem of substance abuse.


    Together for Safety is a personal safety program, which will be taught in grades K-8. Through specially designed activities your child will be learning how to protect him/herself from personal safety threats. The program empowers children with the information, skills, and support they need to keep safe, without frightening them.

    The Second Step Program offers the skills to understand another person's point of view and to communicate in an effective way. The goal of this program is to avoid violent conflict.

    Additionally, all children will receive Family Life instruction. This curriculum contains age/grade appropriate material in the areas of human sexuality, adolescent development, reproduction, Sills, abstinence, and teen pregnancy. If you have questions or concerns regarding this portion of the curriculum, please do not hesitate to call (278-5880). If you wish to have your child excluded from the Family Life portion of the program, you must notify me, in writing, and alternative assignments outside the regular classroom will be arranged.

    Guest Speakers

    Guest Speakers will be visiting the classroom. Through the program RAP (Resources for Adolescent Problems), the students hear about the life of other teens and adults that have made poor choices and what their life is like now. (Subject to change due to grant funding.)



    To be announced.