• LaSalle Preparatory School Counseling Center

       7th Grade Counselor

      Justine Tambroni - 278-5884

      8th Grade Counselor

      James Hutchinson - 278-5883


      The goal of the LaSalle Counseling Center is to empower students to be strong, confident and motivated individuals.  It is a safe, secure and confidential place where students are always welcome.  Based on the academic and the personal challenges that our students face today, we strive to help each and every student obtain the confidence and perseverance for success. We believe that every person has the opportunity and ability to make good decisions that will enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

       We implement our counseling program by providing:

      * Social and Emotional Counseling

      * Academic Support

      * Goal Setting and Decision Making

      * Conflict Resolution

      * Crisis Intervention

      We work hand in hand with parents, teachers and administrators to provide the best possible services.  Should there be anytime where you need a referral to an outside agency, please do not hesitate to contact your respective counselor for a recommendation.