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    Due to current events ...

    You still have your two current events due this marking period. Current events can still be done using an article found online related to STEM. List the web address as the source, or if you like you can use television news conferences. You just have to list the time and channel as the source. Remember about five sentences summarizing the article and a sentence or two about how its related to STEM.

     On the assignment page to the left is a reading assignment.

     Your first reading assignment was due Monday 4/27. I will continue accepting all work. 

    All of your work can be completed on the web site.

    Due dates for current events and questions for the reading assignment are:

    4/27 Section 1 questions are due

    5/11 Section 2 questions are due

    5/25 Current event 1 is due

    6/1 Section 3 questions are due

    6/8 Current event 2 is due

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me

    Keep washing your hands and checking back to the website.

    Stay well.