• 286-4200- Available 24 Hours A Day

    When calling in an absence please state the following:

    • Student's name
    • Grade & homebase
    • Reason for absence & length of absence
    • Contact phone number
    • Name of person calling and relationship to student   


    Whenever your child is absent or even late, they should bring a note from the parent, doctor or dentist stating the reason for the absence/tardy, with a contact phone number so the note can be verified.  If your child is absent, you should call the 24 hour Attendance-Call-In line at 286-4200 and leave a message.  If you call us, we won't have to contact you.
    We are using a new calling system-Connect-Ed, which is an automated dialing system that will leave a message on the phone number that is listed on our records as your home phone.  You should receive a message telling you if your child was absent.  Watch for these messages on your voice mail or answering machine.
    Being late for school hurts a child's learning too.  A student who is 10 minutes late every day will miss 30 hours of instruction during the year.  











Last Modified on February 4, 2019