• From the Principal


    Dear Gaskill Preparatory Parents and Guardians,

    Greetings to you and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


    As we all know COVID-19 has drastically changed the world of education. When schools closed in mid-March, many of us thought that the closure would last a few weeks, maybe even a month, and all would soon return to normal. Yet as the spring of 2020 wore on, we eventually learned the unimaginable – school buildings would stay closed for the remainder of the school year. Now we must be ready to return to school this fall in a way that is radically different from prior years as COVID-19 continues to be a major health threat. I want to inform Gaskill Parents that our Superintendent and COVID-19 leadership team is following the development of this pandemic very closely. This is the first time our school community has faced a modern pandemic virus, and with new information emerging daily, we are doing our best to keep all of our students safe and healthy. That is our top priority. So we keep open communication, please update your phone numbers so you can be informed of important school news and information.

    At Gaskill, we focus on providing a safe and positive learning environment where continued academic growth for student learners is our key and foremost focus. It is our mission to have every child feel welcomed, excited about learning, and grow socially, emotionally and academically.   We are a school committed to educating for excellence by empowering our students to become self-monitoring, resourceful, independent, and critical thinkers. Our outstanding and committed staff works to ensure learning is meaningful, relevant and transferable.

    Here at GPS, we have exceptional teachers who plan and create lessons designed to engage and challenge students so that they may possess life-long tools to be able to develop and self-assess their own learning.  Our teachers consistently use research base practices, analyzing data to meet the individual needs of our students, while setting goals for their students’ individual growth and improvement. We strive to challenge each and every student in terms of their academic ability so that they may be employment and/or college ready by the end of 12th grade.

    As principal of Gaskill Preparatory School, it is an honor and privilege to begin working with you and your family. I want to extend a special welcome to the newest members of our GPS community, our incoming Grade 7 students---welcome to Gaskill!!!  Gaskill is committed to ensuring a wonderful transition for our seventh graders and we work relentlessly during the course of the school year to ensure that happens.

    In addition, an important part of our school commitment involves developing key relationships with you our parents. Parent communication is extremely important in our mutual journey to educate our children. Please, please update your phone numbers and addresses during the school year ig they change. Therefore, we encourage you to read our school newsletters, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Monthly You Tube videos will be broadcasted for school wide updates.  Register and utilize the district’s parent portal where you will be able to view your child’s up-to-date course grades as well as daily attendance.

    We value and rely upon your partnership as it is paramount to the success of our students.  Therefore, please consider joining our Parent Education Group and become more involved in our school community. Your presence makes a difference!

    I look forward to beginning my journey at Gaskill and working with staff and parents dedicated to ensuring excellence for all students.



    D. Zimmerman