• From the Principal

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    GASKILL’S GOAL = 100%      


    It’s that time again and this year at Gaskill Preparatory School our goal in competition with schools across the state is to have 100% of our students participate in the ELA and Math assessments.   



    #1 Test taking is no longer stressful.  The New York State Department  of  Education has reduced the number of days of test administration  from  three (3) days to two (2) days.  The English & language arts test Day 1 will consist of 35 multiple choice questions.  Day 2 will consists of short written responses. In addition, no time limit is placed on students when taking the English & language arts test or math test. Also, the mathematics test will allow students to use both a math reference sheet and a scientific calculator during the test.

    #2 Our students are ready!  Gaskill teachers have been preparing students and enhancing our students’ knowledge via teaching strategies, coaching, and building their skill levels through daily instruction and hands-on student projects.  Students establish their own learning goals and perform self-assessments to check for their readiness.

    #3 The more you practice the more you can.  Taking the state assessments in middle school serves as good practice for students who plan on graduating from high school. High school graduation requires that students pass a minimum of five (5) NYS Regents exams.  Any student who makes the effort to take middle school state assessments will be successful in high school when taking the regents exams due to practice and familiarity with test-taking.   Effort + practice are rewarded with success. 


    So please join us in attaining our goal!!!!!! Should you have any questions, please call our office at  278-5820.



    In April, the Niagara Falls City School District will administer the 2018 ELA Test on computer. This is referenced as computer-based testing (CBT). The computer-based tests will have the same questions as the paper versions. However, students testing on computer will select their answers for multiple-choice questions on the computer and type their responses to open-ended questions rather than handwriting their responses to these questions in the paper test booklet.  The 2019 NYS Mathematical assessments format will be the paper version.



    Mrs. Smith, Principal—Gaskill Prep