•  Independent Reading

    Places to find books:

    1) Niagara Falls Public Library ebooks

    2) Amplify Library

    Good Books:

    The Hate U Give (movie on Nextflix)

    Heroes, Gods and Monsters of Greek Myths 

    Inside Out and Back Again

    Hidden Figures

    The Call of the Wild



    Journal Questions for Reading Reflection

    You keep these in a notebook in Microsoft 365 unless otherwise told.  Keep this heading:

    Name                                                        Date

    Title and page numbers read                       Period

    Bold questions can be used for non-fiction 

    • Explain the connection between the cover art and the title
    • How does language contribute or affect the meaning of the text?
    • How does the conflict contribute to the plot line?
    • Analyze how the setting influences the characters;
    • Explain how the text structure assists you to comprehend the information
    • Discuss the character you like most and explain why
    • Discuss the character you like the least and explain why
    • In your opinion, what is the next decision the protagonist is going to make and why
    • Is this book meeting your expectations? Explain why or why not in detail.
    • Would you recommend this book, why or why not?                                                                              (make sure to utilize literary elements or text structure)
    • Analyze the changes the dynamic character makes in the story

    Writing Tips

    When answering questions, keep in mind to answer them using short answer techniques and punctuation.

    RACE to the right answer

    Restate the question

    Answer the question

    Cite two (2) details/pieces of evidence using quotation marks to support your answer or claim

    Explain why your details connect to your answer or support it

    Don't forget to check your work!!

    Reading Tips

    1. Set your purpose for reading/Preview the question(s)

    2. Highlight information that supports your purpose

    3. Annotate/Shrink what you read after each paragraph (Why is it important? or Connections to the end of unit target)

        **Shrinks should only be around 10 words

    4. Reread in chunks if you can't answer the question