• Assignments for the Week of June 1st to June 9th



    Weekly Lesson Topic-  Getting Help and Learning New Things


    SIGHT WORDS- look, very, their, saw, put, out, off, our, day, take, too, show


    This week's Read Aloud Book and Big Book from Lessons 28 and 29:


    Our Focus Walls


    Read Aloud Book:The Little Engine That Could 


    Big Book: You Can Do It, Curious George


     Read Aloud Book:  Baby Brains


    Big Book:  Look At Us



    1. Click above to listen to our Read Aloud stories The Little Engine That Could and Baby Brains


     2. Write about: Write about your favorite part of Kindergarten this year?  Why was that your favorite part?

         (EXAMPLE: My favorite part was _________________.  I liked it because _______________.)

         (EXAMPLE Draw a picture to match: draw a picture of your favorite part.)

            FUNdations Writing Paper

    3. 5 minutes of ELA fun from our ELA page


    4. Sight words (look, very, their, saw, put, out, off, our, day, take, too, show)

                                                                                                                                                                                   Suggestions for Sight Words-

    Practice writing words, use them in a sentence, do a word hunt in your favorite book, write them on flash cards!



    1. 5-10 minutes of math movement songs from our MATH site

    2. Count out loud to a family member from 1-100


          Fundations-  CVC-e Review          



     Watch this Diagraph Video and do this diagraph sheet:




     Diagraph Sheet


    For Fun

    What I loved This Year Sheet

    My Summer Bucket List Sheet