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     Mrs. Ligammari 

     Contact Email - kligammari@nfschools.net  


    NOTE**** Please contact me if you have any questions about your child picking up materials for the end of the year. I only have one child who had something in their locker that they need to retrieve so you do not need to come and get anything unless I contacted you.***


    Please have your child go on razkids every day and read two or three stories and answer the questions that go with the story. This will be a graded assignment. 

    Razkids is a website that students can go on to read at their specific reading levels.  

    The teacher username is kligammari


    All students have a username and password. The user name is their first name and the password is either 1234 or a picture of a bunny.


    If it is different than that, please email me and I will fix this. If you are in Miss Pelletieris class, go on the kind profile and use the password 1234. 

    Additional web resources for kids 

    Click on the link and it will take you directly to the website!

    1. ABCYA


    3.Story Time Online

    4. National Geographic Kids


     **If you are interested in having your child sign up for MOBYMAX please let me know. They have not used it in our classroom before but it is not too hard to navigate. It is an additional resource that children can do online.**




    Please save all work in a folder to be turned in at a later date. If you can take a picture and email it to me I will take that as well! kligammari@nfschools.net 

    If  you are struggling with identifying what ELA lessons to work on with your child, here are the explanations on what both focus on:

    Level A - This unit focuses mostly on the letter/sound recognition and beginning sight words


    Level B - This unit is higher than level A with reading fluency and other concepts


    If you still need help please feel free to contact me!


    Please save all work in a folder. If you have access to a camera or a scanner you can send me a picture of the work via email if you want me to check it over.