• Kids on Computers  

     At Niagara Street Primary School





    Equipped with the latest technology, Niagara Street Primary School has unlimited opportunities to enhance the learning experience of our students. The major technology component of our school is the SMART Board interactive white board.
    • This interactive board is installed in 32 classrooms as well as the Library/Media Center, STEM Science Lab, Music Room, and the Administrative Conference Room. The SMART Board connects to a computer. The interactive board becomes the computer screen and allows the user to use the board with a touch of the finger. The capabilities of the SMART Board will enhance the learning in the classroom and give users the feeling of performing magic.
    • An “ELMO” machine is installed in every classroom. The ELMO replaces the overhead projector teachers currently use. This machine will be connected to the SMART Board and will allow Teachers to project any sheet of paper, page in a book, or any type of writing/picture on to the SMART Board.
    • Each classroom is equipped with a laptop cart containing a laptop for each student in the room.
    • Every Classroom Teacher is equipped with a digital camera that has movie capabilities. Teachers will have the ability to connect the cameras to their computer to project images on the SMART Board and or television.
    • LCD Televisions are installed in every classroom, Art Room, Music Room, Library Media Center, Gym, Auditorium, and Cafeteria. The television will interact with the SMART Board to share images and video.
    • Each floor (3 in all) in the academic wing (Building A) will have a cart of wireless laptop computers. This cart can be rolled room to room and Teachers will have the ability to have every student use a laptop and connect to the World Wide Web.
    • A TV/Broadcast cart will be utilized. This technology allows us to videotape people in the building and the images are projected on the televisions throughout the building “live”. This will give the school the capability of having a morning news show or video taping school assemblies.

    • Website: Go to www.nfschools.net, look under “Schools” then click and drag down to Niagara Street Primary School.

    Kids on Computers