•  Niagara Street Primary School's

    Specialized Programs



    • Pre-K - 2nd graders
    • 12 students and their families, co-ed
    • Ongoing sessions available during regular school hours as well as before and after school as needed. The program runs year round.

    Program Brief: The Home Run program is a school and home based prevention program that provides services to elementary school youth with challenging behaviors and their families. The aim is to improve attendance at school, academic performance and behavior. The program is also designed to improve and increase family involvement in the child’s education and overall development.



    • Pre-K – 2nd graders
    • 21 students, co-ed
    • Weekly/Bi-weekly sessions as needed

    Program Brief: Gateway-Longview Behavioral Health Clinic provides mental health counseling at satellite locations within school systems in the community in addition to their many other services. Working from a SF-TIC model of therapy, (as well as other therapies) support is given to clients ages 3-21 and their families addressing mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, symptoms of PTSD stemming from domestic violence or sexual abuse, grief and loss etc.



    • Pre-K – 2nd graders
    • Approximately 300 students, co-ed
    • Ongoing
    • (6) 30 min class lessons

    Program Brief: BEST is a social-emotional skill development program provided to Pre-K-2nd grades, by an Education Specialist from Mental Health Advocates WNY. Topics covered include: feelings, friendship, self-control & responsibility. (Too Good for Violence Program)



    • Pre-K-2nd grade
    • Approximately 300 students, co-ed
    • Start dates vary by class (Spring)
    • (10) 30 min lessons

    Program Brief: Students enjoy learning skills for safe and healthy living in this interactive evidence based, substance abuse prevention curriculum. Topics include: goal setting; peer pressure; medicine safety; decision making; feelings; tobacco/second-hand smoke.