•  Niagara Street Elementary School's

    Specialized Programs



    • 3RD – 6TH graders per 21st Century schedule
    • Number of students determined by PRIDE case load, co-ed
    • Weekly sessions over 8 week period, after school

    Program Brief: Pride counseling is individual and/or group counseling for students in the NSS Pride program. The goal is to provide social and emotional interventions and provide a more holistic approach to at-risk students and increase student achievement and academic success. In sessions students participate in mentoring, counseling and coaching focusing on anger management, coping skills, social skills, impulse control and mindfulness.



    • Pre-K -6th graders
    • 12 students and their families, co-ed
    • Ongoing sessions available during regular school hours as well as before and after school as needed. The program runs year round.

    Program Brief: The Home Run program is a school and home based prevention program that provides services to elementary school youth with challenging behaviors and their families. The aim is to improve attendance at school, academic performance and behavior. The program is also designed to improve and increase family involvement in the child’s education and overall development.




    • 5TH & 6th graders
    • 9 students (girls only)
    • Weekly sessions after school every Wednesday
    • Starts 10/17/18; ends 12/19/18

    Program Brief: Self-esteem, social emotional group for 5th and 6th graders after school. The group is run by a lead facilitator who plans the lessons for each week. The lessons and topics include mental health, body image, friendships, relationships, how to take care of themselves and more. The girls complete activities, journal, and have discussions about these topics. Once members have finished a cycle, they graduate from the program.



    • Pre-K – 6th graders
    • 21 students, co-ed
    • Starts 9/18/18 (ongoing)
    • Weekly/Bi-weekly sessions as needed

    Program Brief: Gateway-Longview Behavioral Health Clinic provides mental health counseling at satellite locations within school systems in the community in addition to their many other services. Working from a SF-TIC model of therapy, (as well as other therapies) support is given to clients ages 3-21 and their families addressing mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, symptoms of PTSD stemming from domestic violence or sexual abuse, grief and loss etc.



    • 5th & 6th graders
    • 30 students, co-ed
    • Starts October 2018; Ends May/June 2019
    • 30 min sessions Mon-Thurs (during lunches)

    Program Brief: Future Leader’s is a college and career preparation program that works with students through their elementary path up through high school. Future Leader’s provides leadership training, social-emotional support, and academic support so that members can grow to achieve short term and long term goals. Using individualized learning plans, members work through their academic journey with consistent enrichment and unique opportunities both in school and in their personal lives.



    • All 3RD-6TH graders, co-ed
    • Starts Oct 2018; Ends May 2019
    • Monthly sessions in each classroom

    Program Brief: 30 minute lessons, once per month in each classroom, grades 3-6. Topics include, but are not limited to, issues such as personal hygiene, anger management/coping skills, empathy, friendship, kindness, self-esteem/self-worth/self-image, NSS rules and internet safety. Lessons are suitable for male/female students and are modified to meet the needs of each age level.



    • K-6, co-ed
    • Ongoing services
    • By referral

    Program Brief: Mr. Barnes connects with hard to reach families. Engages students in various ways. He makes home visits, has parent meetings, and encourages & motivates students. He also provides transportation for outside of school programming.



    • Pre-K – 2nd graders
    • Approximately 300 students, co-ed
    • Ongoing
    • (6) 30 min class lessons

    Program Brief: BEST is a social-emotional skill development program provided to Pre-K-2nd grades, by an Education Specialist from Mental Health Advocates WNY. Topics covered include: feelings, friendship, self-control & responsibility. (Too Good for Violence Program)



    • Pre-K-2nd grade
    • Approximately 300 students, co-ed
    • Start dates vary by class (Spring)
    • (10) 30 min lessons

    Program Brief: Students enjoy learning skills for safe and healthy living in this interactive evidence based, substance abuse prevention curriculum. Topics include: goal setting; peer pressure; medicine safety; decision making; feelings; tobacco/second-hand smoke.



    • 1ST-2ND (SIG-A); 3RD-6TH (21ST CENTURY)
    • 33 students (SIG-A) 131 students (21ST) co-ed
    • Starts 10/10/18; Ends 5/30/19
    • Every Mon, Wed, Thursday

    Program Brief: The 21st Century and SIG-A Grant programs are after and before school activities that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The mission of the program is to offer a wide variety of activities that target both academic and enrichment elements. The 21st Century program targets students in grades 3rd-6th. The SIG-A offers programs to students in grades 1st-2nd. Students in both programs engage in high-quality diverse activities. Students are also given the opportunity to stay an additional hour with partner agency, Boys & Girls Club of Niagara Falls, for additional engagement activities.



    • 3RD-6TH graders
    • 10 students co-ed
    • Starts 10/15/18; Ends 6/13/19
    • Every Mon, Wed, Thursday

    Program Brief: PRIDE is for students in grades 3-6 that require a smaller learning environment. These students require a shorter and more structured school day due to frequent or behavioral difficulties. The PRIDE program can also accommodate students that are suspended from school or have absentee issues.



    • Pre-K-6th
    • Up to 10 students per circle, co-ed
    • Starts 10/15/18; Ends June 2019
    • Up to 3 sessions per week

    Program Brief: Practices circles to help students work on/build strategies to repair harm, talk through struggles in a safe environment and take responsibility and ownership for their actions. Running circles on self-control, anger, respect, family struggles, school issues and specific problems brought up. Reaching out into the community to involve parents, families, and other community resources (Peacemakers, NCRJC, and other figures/role models) to help build connections/bonds with our students and families to support their needs. Also working with families and students for suspensions.



    • 4th-6th grades
    • 6-10 students, co-ed
    • Starts 11/8/18; Ends 1/17/19
    • Weekly 1 hour sessions

    Program Brief: Group mentoring. Topics include: Self-Awareness; Career Exploration; What is Community Service; Social Skills; Moral Reasoning; Leadership; Arts; Recreation; Community Service; Graduation; Booster Session (with parents).



    • 4th-6th Grades
    • 5-8 students, co-ed
    • Starts 10/15/18, Ends Spring 2019
    • Mon, Wed, Thurs - Noon-2:45pm

    Program Brief: BFNC staff will work with students who are suspended from Niagara Street Elementary School during the hours of 12:00 noon to 2:45 pm at our Niagara Falls office located at 2616 Highland Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14305. Students will be picked up at home and transported to the BFNC Reporting Center where they will be given a snack and participate in our evidenced based Aggression Replacement Training (ART). Students will then be transported to Niagara Street School beginning at 2:45 pm ensuring their arrival at school. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 10 week module.



    • Pre-K – 6
    • All students, co-ed
    • Starts October 2018; Ends June 2019
    • Individual partner schedules

    Program Brief: The Double B Project has mixed grade levels paired together as partners. Each intermediate class is paired up with a primary class. Throughout the year classes participate in various activities together. They share educational and recreational activities. The benefits of the buddy project includes enhancing positive behaviors, teaches a sense of responsibility, serves as a motivational tool, participation in play or work activities, builds cooperation and collaboration, strengthens social skills, increases school attendance, decreases office referral and creates lasting friendships.