• Unit 6 - Level A

    This week, we are going to move into learning about communities!


    Weekly Story - Please read this Monday morning before your child dives into the lesson for the day. If possible, read the story every day either to your child, or have your child read it to you. 

    City Cat, Country Cat by Julius Lester and illustrated by Bill Mayer

    During and after the story, there are questions to ask your child. Please look at the bottom of the document for these questions before your child begins reading the story. 


    For each day, there will be about 4-5 activities, but your child has to choose at least 3 to complete, or they can complete all of them if they wish to. For some of these activities, your child might have to write some things out on a separate sheet of paper. Parents, you can take pictures of your child's work and email them to me at kligammari@nfschools.net. Or, they can save their work in a folder or a notebook.  

    Also, for the days when we learn a new word, Tuesday and Friday this week, there will be tracing worksheets along with some activities. If you are not able to print the worksheets, do not worry about it. Your child will not be penalized due to not being able to print off these worksheets. 


    Monday - 5/4

    Please open Monday's lesson here -> Level A Unit 6 Day 1


    Tuesday - 5/5

    Please open Tuesday's lesson here -> Level A Unit 6 Day 2

    Tracing worksheet for the word get ---> Get Tracing Worksheet 



    Wednesday - 5/6

    Please open Wednesday's lesson here -> Level A Unit 6 Day 3


    Thursday - 5/7

    Please open Thursday's lesson here -> Level A Unit 6 Day 4 


    Friday - 5/8

    Please open Friday's lesson here -> Level A Unit 6 Day 5

    Tracing worksheet for the word her ---> Her Tracing Worksheet