• Assignments for the Week of May 4th to May 8th





     Weekly Lesson Topic- Animal Colors


    SIGHT WORDS- away, by, he, must, no, there 


    This week's Read Aloud Book and Big Book from Lesson 24:


    Read Aloud Book: Red Eyes or Blue Feathers



    Big Book: Chameleon, Chameleon





    1. Click to listen to our Read Aloud story above. Red Eyes or Blue Feathers

     2. Write about your favorite animal.  What color are they? 

    (EXAMPLE: My favorite animal is a dog. A dog can be brown. I like big dogs.)

    (EXAMPLE of a picture to match: draw a picture of a big, brown dog)

    3. 5 minutes of fun ELA from our ELA page


    4. Sight words (away, by, he, must, no, there)

     Suggestions for Sight Words-

    Practice writing words, use them in a sentence, do a word hunt in your favorite book, write them on flash cards!



    1. Practice writing your numbers 1-30 (& beyond)

            number writing 1-30

    1. 5-10 minutes of math movement songs from our MATH site

    2. Count out loud to a family member from 1-100

    3. Study this 2D shape chart and do the roll and draw that shape 

    4. Complete adding sheet and words problems

            Addition sheets   

    1. Complete subtraction sheet and word problems

            Subtraction Sheets



    1. Practice tapping out, reading, & writing CVC-e words: (Focus on the long /i/ sound)


     Practice more long vowel /i/ words here: CVC-e words /i/

    Do this CVCe worksheet - long /i/ 



    1. Complete the 5 Days of Weather Worksheet

            5 Days of Weather