• Complete daily reading decodable book and math page (Investigations).
    (E-mail us or send us your work on remind, so we can see the great things you are doing!)

     Lesson 26

    THE DOT BOOK (Click to open) Please read


    Decodable directions (click to open)


    Decodable Books (click to open)- 

    Bears:  endings (-ed and –ing) 

    Hiding and Seeking:   endings (-ed and –ing)

    Henry and Dad go Camping :  endings (-ed and –ing) hi-lite the words, then write the base word (ex. Camping=camp)

    Speedy and Chase: endings (-ed and –ing)  hi-lite and write the base words


    Spelling Words: Base words with endings- ed, ing

    mix, mixed, hop, hopped, run, running, hope, hoping, use, used

    You can ...

     * Practice writing them 3 times each
    * Write each word in a complete sentence
    * Write a story using as many of the words as you can
    * Challenge yourself and write the words in alphabetical order
    *Have someone quiz you



    Write About Reading

    Reread The Dot then answer the following questions.

    Choose one piece of Vashti's art. What colors and shapes do you see in Vashti's artwork?

    How did Vashti make this piece of art? Then write sentences to describe the artwork.

    Use text evidence to explain your ideas.* Challenge yourself to draw your own dot art.

    Opinion Writing

    An opinion is something you believe. What is your opinion of cleaning your room. What do you like about this activity? What don't you like? 

    ***Make sure you start with a topic sentence that tells your opinion.

    ***Add detail sentences that tell reasons for your opinion.

    ***Add a closing sentence to provide an ending.



    Extra if needed

    Kids A-Z (click to open)

    Choose 1-2 stories per day (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

    Listen, Read, Answer Comprehension Questions



    • Sciencescience

    Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment


    *Please complete all three tasks daily*
    Check out some of the math videos at the bottom of the screen


    1. Math Pages(click to open) 

    Monday:  Daily Practice, Subtracting 10’s and Homework How Many Finger? How Many People?

    Tuesday:  How Many Now?  (Pages 305& 306, will be continued tomorrow)

    Wednesday:  How Many Now?  (Pages 307& 308)

    Thursday:  How Many Fingers?



    2. Math Games

    1. Click the "Investigations Games" link below. Choose a game of your choice






    3. Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment



    Review the links below if needed:book

    Ways to Represent Data click here to watch

    Data and Survey click here to watch

    Tally Charts and Bar Graph (BrainPop Jr) click here to watch


    Math Videos

    Place Value (click to open)

    Making Equal Groups (click to open)

    Adding and Subtracting 10 (click to open)