• Important Message: Our last day is Tuesday, June 9th.



    **Note to families**

    Please open link above

    Decodable Books (click to open)- 

    Quiz Game:  Read with a partner, the partner should answer the questions.  Write your own quiz!  See if someone will answer your questions.




    Spelling Words: 
    sad, sadly, slow, slowly, dust, dusty, trick, tricky, help, helpful


    You can ...

     * Practice writing them 3 times each
    * Write each word in a complete sentence
    * Write a story using as many of the words as you can
    * Challenge yourself and write the words in alphabetical order
    *Have someone quiz you



    *Please complete all three tasks daily*


    1.  Math Pages

    Monday:   3.2 pg. 328, Blocks (show 3 ways to solve, ex. Number line, picture, 10 frame)

    Tuesday:   3.3 pg. 329 Adding Multiples of 10


    2. Math Games

    1. Click the "Investigations Games" link below. Choose a game of your choice





    3. Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment


    Social Studies

    BrainPop Jr. Reading Maps click here to watch 

                         U. S. Symbols click here to watch






    Writing Activity 

    Write a story about first grade!  What was your favorite day?  What did you like doing the most?  What did you not like doing?  What will you miss?  What do you look forward to in 2nd grade?  Remember to have a beginning, middle and end!