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      A Tree Is a Plant

      (Click link above and read pages 121-147)

      Think through the text(ask these questions as you read the text)


      Page 123:
      Think about what you read about trees. What do you think these trees grow from?

      Page 127:
      How does the see go from an apple to growing into the ground?

      Page 132:

      The tree used to be covered just in blossoms. Describe how the tree is changing.
      What are the parts of a tree you learn about?

      Page 135:
      How do the roots help the tree? 

      Page 139:
      What causes the leaves to die? How has the tree changed from the fall to the winter?

      Page 144:

      Describe how the tree changes from spring to summer.



      Click Here(directions for decodable readers)

      Mooses Tooth:  ou, oo, ou and ew words  (ex. Tooth, flew, soup)

      Moon News:   oo, ou and ew words

      Boot Clues :  ue  words (ex. blue, clues)

      The Nice Vet: -ine and -ite words  (ex. Mine, bite)

      Click the link below

      Decodable Readers




      Write About Reading

      After reading A Tree is a Plant, write your responses to the following :Writing



      Complete the order in which events happen is the sequence of events.

      A Tree Is a Plant tells about the events in the life of a tree. The apple tree begins as a seed. What happens next? When the tree is big, what happens to it in the spring, summer, fall, and winter? Please use first, next, and last to show the order of events.


      ready,  country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warms

      Use the flash cards to go over the words to know


      (click here) FLASH CARDS


      Spelling Words :


       Vowel Digraph- "oo," "ew," and "ou." 

      soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you


      You can ...


      * Practice writing them 3 times each

      * Write each word in a complete sentence

      * Write a story using as many of the words as you can

      * Challenge yourself and write the words in alphabetical order

      *Have someone quiz you


    • *Please complete all three tasks daily*


      1. MATH BOOK


      Click math book above and complete the following problems daily. Please keep all answers in your notebook/folder.

      This week in math continue with Collecting, Representing and Solving Problems about Data in Two Catergories.  A survey question is asked to collect data (information).  The data is represented (shown) in a two column chart.  The data can be represented in various ways; a check mark, happy face or other pictures, connecting cubes, etc.. Once the data is represented an Addition sentence is written to find out the total number. 


      Monday: Walk or Ride, Half Hours, clock review. pg. 266-267 

      Tuesday: Music or Gym, Crayons and Markers pg. 271-272

      Wednesday: Slides or Swings, Strawberries or Watermelons pg. 273-274

      Thursday: Kickball or Tag, Green or Yellow pg. 275-278

      Friday: Apples, Grapes or Oranges pg. 281



      2. Math Games

      1. Click the "Investigations Games" link below. Choose a game of your choice







      3. Moby Max
      Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment



      Review the links below if needed:book

      Ways to Represent Data click here to watch

      Data and Survey click here to watch

      Tally Charts and Bar Graph (BrainPop Jr) click here to watch