• Complete daily reading decodable book and math page (Investigations). (E-mail us or send us your work on Remind, so we can see the great things you are doing!)

     Lesson 28


     The Kite (Click to open) Toad and Frog Page 82 
    (Please read and complete the writing activity below)

    Words To Know: across head second hall heard  should  cried  large 


    Write About Reading

    Reread Days With Frog And Toad. 

    Write sentences to tell how Frog and Toad are alike and how they are different. 

    *What do Frog and Toad like to do?

    *What does Frog do when the kite doesn't fly?

    *What does Toad do when the kite doesn't fly?

    *Why do you think Frog and Toad are friends?

    Writing Tip: You can use words like and and to tell how things are alike.Use not and but to tell how things are different.

    Use words and pictures from the story for ideas.

    Decodable Directions (click to open)


    Decodable Books (click to open)- 

    Sally Jane and Beth Ann: This week we are working on the long I sound as found in words with; igh, y, and ie.  (ex. Cried, high, cry)

    Ty and Big Gilly:   Find words with; igh, y, and ie.

    Bird Watching :  endings (-ed and –ing) hi-lite the words, then write the base word (ex. Camping=camp)

    Benches: endings (-ed and –ing) hi-lite and write the base words



    Spelling Words:

    Long I sound- (igh, y, ie)

    my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, cried, night, light


    You can ...

     * Practice writing them 3 times each
    * Write each word in a complete sentence
    * Write a story using as many of the words as you can
    * Challenge yourself and write the words in alphabetical order
    *Have someone quiz you



    • Sciencescience

    Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment



    *Please complete all three tasks daily*
    Check out some of the math videos at the bottom of the screen


    1.  Math Pages(click to open) (We are using our math books, please read the directions on the page. The goal is to collect and analyze data. There may be additional pages of review also, stop when you see the new heading. If you are not picking up the packet, you can print or use a separate piece of paper to record your work.)   


    Monday:  Daily Practice2.5 pg. 319, Adding or Subtracting 10

    Tuesday:  Daily Practice 2.6 pg. 323 More Adding and Subtracting 10 and Homework pg. 324 How Many Cubes, greater than less than

    Wednesday: 2.7 pg. 325 (Fill out the number chart first and then use to complete.  Remind your child to go up for minus and down for plus) What’s Missing, plus or minus 10 

    Thursday:  2.8 pg. 326 More plus or minus 10 (Fill in the 100 chart first, then use to move your finger up or down)

    Friday:  3.1 pg. 327 Adding 10’s



    2. Math Games

    1. Click the "Investigations Games" link below. Choose a game of your choice






    3. Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment