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  • L23 Focus Wall


    Whistle for Willie Text

    (Click link above and read pages 82-103)

    Think through the text(ask these questions as you read the text)


    Page 85:

    Describe what Peter see the other boy doing. 

    Who is the main character of this story? (In many stories, the main character has a problem.)
    What is Peter's problem? 


    Page 89: 

    Describe the new character we learn about.

    How does Peter act when he see Willie coming?

    Why does Peter do this?



    Why can't Peter run away from his shadow?

    How could he get away from his shadow?

    REREAD page 95 and look at the picture. What do you think Peter will do next?


    Page 101-102:

    Describe how Peter's parents act when he whistles for them.

    Why do you think Peter whistles all the way to the store and back?


    Click Here(directions for decodable readers)

    Look at this: vowel diagrah-( oo )words (ex. Look, book) <page 67>

    Two Good Cooks: vowel diagraph(oo) ex. cooks <page75>

    Good Homes: vowel diagraph (oo)  good <page 83>

    Big Problems: try and see how many of these words you can find and read! (house, along, together, father boy, again, nothing, began)<page 91>

    Click the link below

    Decodable Readers




      April Writing Idea
      Click the link above and choose one




    Write About Reading

    After reading WHISTLE FOR WILLIE, write your responses to the following :


    What would Willie say if he could talk?


    What would he say happened?


    Write sentences to tell the story the way Willie would tell it.


    ***Use words like first, next, then, and finally to tell when things happened.


    again, along, began, boy, father, house, nothing, together

    Use the flash cards to go over the words to know


    (click here) FLASH CARDS


    Spelling Words :

     look, book, good, hook, brook, took, foot, shook, wood, hood

    Remember the vowel diagraph says “00”, .


    You can ...


    * Practice writing them 3 times each

    * Write each word in a complete sentence

    * Write a story using as many of the words as you can

    * Challenge yourself and write the words in alphabetical order

    *Have someone quiz you 

  • *Please complete all three tasks daily*


    1. MATH BOOK

    Please click math book above and complete the following problems daily.

    This week in math continue with Collecting, Representing and Solving Problems about Data in Two Catergories.  A survey question is asked to collect data (information).  The data is represented (shown) in a two column chart.  The data can be represented in various ways; a check mark, happy face or other pictures, connecting cubes, etc.. Once the data is represented an Addition sentence is written to find out the total number. 


    Monday: Gloves or Mittens. pg. 3 

    Tuesday: Would you Rather? pg. 7

    Wednesday: Do you have a pet at home? pg. 8

    Thursday: Attendance Data. pg. 9

    Friday: Walk or Ride. pg. 12



    2. Math Games

    1. Click the "Investigations Games" link below. Choose a game of your choice







    3. Moby Max
    Click moby max above and complete lesson assignment



    Review the links below if needed:book

    Ways to Represent Data click here to watch

    Data and Survey click here to watch

    Tally Charts and Bar Graph (BrainPop Jr) click here to watch