• Mrs. Schove's English Language Arts Class


    The focus of the seventh grade English Language Arts curriculum is to improve the students reading and writing capabilities. In an effort to improve fluency, students are reading in class daily, and should be reading independently at home for thirty minutes a day. Communication of student knowledge is shown through written response and participation in class discussion. 

    In the week marking period, students will be completing a unit on Brain Science, and beginning an Edgar Allan Poe Poetry Unit.

    The Brain Unit challenges students to build their understanding of brain science by reading three non-fiction texts. The primary purpose of this unit is for students to become practiced at reading and writing about informational texts and to learn how to build knowledge from those texts around one topic.  Students will learn how the biology of the brain reflects the choices people make in their daily behavior.

    The Edgar Allan Poe Poetry Unit exposes students to D. H. Lawrence, Federico García Lorca, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe.  Although these poets may be considered challenging for middle school students, the Amplify program chooses texts by these authors that—once you start making sense of them—are quite visual and concrete. They describe vivid, visual images that students will be able to “see”, to aid comprehension and analysis.

    • complete the independent reading of additional books for a total of 18 towards the New York's 25 book requirement:
    • daily homework 30 minutes - one hour
    • 18 annotations due by the end of 30 weeks

    How many books has your child read and annotated so far?

    Please note, the New York State English Language Arts examination is scheduled for the first week in April 2019.

Last Modified on February 4, 2019