• Mrs. Sperry’s Class Expectations


    Welcome to LaSalle Prepatory, room 311 English class, and what promises to be a most significant and interesting year!

    This year we will be concentrating on the writing and literature skills necessary for you to be successful in any endeavors you choose to take on. You will need to produce quality work, acquire in depth reading skills, complete a research project and write numerous essays in and outside of class.  I believe that with effort and commitment on both our parts we can accomplish your goal of performing well in this course.



    It is my priority to maximize the time that we spend together and minimize disruptions.  I will not allow anyone to prevent me from teaching or infringe on other students’ right to learn.  We must recognize that we are here because we have a job to do, and that ultimately the process of education will improve our lives.  It is therefore worthy of our best efforts.  We will at times encounter differences of opinion and should be prepared for this.  It is important to hear others if we too, expect to be heard.  Nonetheless, we must maintain an environment which allows us to be safe and learn and to respect each other. 


    So that we achieve this goal, we need to meet the following expectations.


    1. Be prepared for class and on time.  Being prepared means that your homework is done, you have a pen and paper to write with and the appropriate materials.  Being on time means being in the room and in your seat when the bell rings, not walking through the door.  After two “lates” you will be copying the late assignment (copying a poem). It is due the next day.  One point will be taken off your average every day that it is not turned in. 
    2. Listen the first time directions are given.
    3. Stay in your designated seat.. 
    4. Speak only when it is appropriate and contributes to class discussions.
    5. Be respectful at all times, verbally and physically.
    6. I expect that you will utilize passing time to take care of your lavatory needs.  
    7. Please ask me if you need to use a phone.
    8. Do not line up at the door –I WILL TELL YOU WHEN TO LEAVE THE ROOM.

    If you choose to disregard the previous expectations, you will face disciplinary action. 

    Generally, disciplinary action will proceed as described below.

    1. Warning!
    2. Sperry Behavior Adjustjent Assignment. Here you will design a plan to prevent future disruption on your own time within 24 hours. 
    3. Sperry Behavior Adjustment Assignment #2 and a phone call home.
    4. Trip to the Deans office for administrative action.




    1. Upon entering the classroom, read the board and follow any directions on it. 
    2. Log into clever.com.
    3. Keep your one-drive organized.
    4. Look for the necessary information in microsoft teams.

    E-mail me @ sasperry@nfschools.net


    * updates will be made according to the current climate and stipulations that are being made regarding safety and social distancing regulations. 

Last Modified on September 6, 2022