• Welcome to English Language Arts



    *I am using this page to help us get started for the 2022/2023 school year. The information on this page is what I am planning to cover within the first few days of school.  


    *To start the year off I have all of our work here on our class website but it is also in Microsoft 365.  


    *If you are perusing this website prior to the first day of school feel free to get a head start! Don't worry if you aren't ready to start yet, I will be going through everything with you in class!



    • Let's start with Clever:
      • Go to Clever.com
      • Use your student ID for both the username and password
      • When your are in Clever you will see Mrs. Sperry's Class and I have included the Apps that we will be using in class this year. 
      • Clever will securely store your passwords to all the apps that we will be using for class. 
      • You should always log into Clever first and then go to the app that we are using in class.


    • Now that your Clever account is set up. Stay in Clever and log into Microsoft 365.
      • We will be using Microsoft 365 for the majority of our classwork. 
      • Your username for microsoft office is the first letter of your last name, your last name and then nfschools.net. Example:John Smith , jsmith@nfschools.net
      • Your password will be your student ID


    • Next make sure you can log into Amplify. 
      • We will use amplify for ELA content



    • Powerschool: 
      • log into your student powerschool account
      • This is a good place to check your grades and to see if you have completed all your assignments.


    • The first Assignment:
      • Assignment:  
        • The title of this assignment is called 15 Things.
        • You will create a list of 15 Things about yourself.
        • At least 3 of the "things" have to be core beliefs about yourself.
          • Example: I value honesty, I believe that hardwork pays off, I believe it is important to be kind.
        • Number 15 in your list should be the most important.  I suggest sharing a goal that you may have. This could be a school goal or even a career goal. 
        • Please note that this assignment will be shared with your classmates.
        • This assignment will be due on Wednesday, September 28.
        • Turnitin is an app you have in CLEVER. I will help you set it up at a later time. 
        • You should complete the assignment as a word document in microsoft 365 within the SPERRY folder. (You should create a folder in ONE DRIVE and name it SPERRY - This is where you will complete all your English work for the year) 
        • The title of the assignment should be: 15 Random Things about YOUR NAME.
        • Keep in mind the title is misleading. You should focus on the fact that your list of 15 things should tell about who you are or more accurately what you want your classmates to think about you.
        •  Make sure to create a balance between the random and important "things". Pay attention to the list. You don't want all your important items to be in a row. 
        • Take a look at the examples below (note that these lists are 25 things and you only need 15 things):  



    1. Go to clever.com

    2. Log into microsoft 365

    3. Go to One DrIVE

    4. Create a folder and name it SPERRY

    5. Create a document in the SPERRY  folder and title it 15 Things about Your Name. (15 Things about Joe Smith)

    6. Center the title.

    7. You can now start making the list of 15 things according to the assignment directions. 


Last Modified on September 6, 2022