• Mental Health Apps

    While seeking help from a licensed professional mental health clinician can not be replaced through technology, there are many resources available to children, teens and adults today right from your phone. These types of resources can be very helpful for users who may not have access or who struggle to access traditional mental health services. Many of these apps can be used with no purchases required.


    Creating a practice around mindfulness can help students (and adults) self-regulate, improve attention and focus, and manage symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. For more information on mindfulness as a practice you can read this article. Below are some apps you can download for free with access to various types of mindful exercises to try.


    "Woebot is a self-care expert and another great app for teens or adults to coach users through life's ups and downs. Woebot uses a cognitive behavioral therapy approach to help users reduce stress and live a happier life."

    Clear Fear

    "Assists users age 4 and up to manage symptoms of anxiety"

    Move Mood

    "Help young people ages 12 and up to manage behaviors and symptoms associated with low mood or depression"

    Calm Harm

    "Provides tasks to help users age 12 and up resist an urge to self-harm. Includes COVID 19 specific resources"

Last Modified on September 2, 2021