• *I will be checking who completed the Nearpod lessons. You must complete all parts of the lesson. 

    Language Arts-45 to 60 minutes per day

    For 30-45 minutes per day, work on the Journey's Lesson 17 assignment.

    Focus Question:  How do people and animals benefit each other?

    1. Complete the Nearpod assignment below:

    Click here for Nearpod Lesson   "Dog Detectives"

    If it asks for a code: HSCWL

    *Remember to use the RADD Strategy

    (Restate, Answer, Detail, Detail)

    2. Complete the Writing lesson below:

    Click here for Nearpod Lesson   "Linking Ideas with Words and Phrases" 

    If it asks for a code: BSMOI

     Every day for 15 minutes read a story on RAZ KIDS. First, listen to the story, then read the story independently, and finally complete the quiz.

    Monday: Fiction

    Tuesday: Non-Fiction

    Wednesday: Fiction

    Thursday: Non-Fiction

    Friday: Your choice

    Click here to log into RAZ KIDS using Clever. 

    Raz Kids Teacher username: aruffolo