• Language Arts- 45 to 60 minutes daily

    For 30 to 45 minutes work on the Journey's Lesson 15 assignments 

    Journey's Lesson 15 Anchor Text

    Why is it important to be informed about what is happening in the world?

    1. Read P. 439 (click on the red word document link above) and think about the Talk About It topic. Pair and Share with someone at home.

    You can also log into Clever and use the Think Central App to read and listen to the Lesson 15 text. Look in your "Things To Do" Section.

    2. As you read the text, answer the questions from the following pages:

         P. 445-Word Choice

         P. 447- Main Idea and Details

         P. 451- Analyze an Argument

    *Remember to use the RADD Strategy 

    (Restate, Answer, Detail, Detail)

    3. Read the text a second time and answer the following question:  Click here for Journey's Lesson 15 Questions.  Please remember to submit your answer when you are done.

    4.  Click here to take a Vocabulary Quiz

    Every day for 15 minutes read a story on RAZ KIDS. First, listen to the story, then read the story independently, and finally complete the quiz.

    Monday: Fiction

    Tuesday: Non-Fiction

    Wednesday: Fiction

    Thursday: Non-Fiction

    Friday: Your choice

    Click here to log into RAZ KIDS using Clever. 

    Raz Kids Teacher username: aruffolo