• Language Arts-45 to 60 minutes per day

    *If you did not complete the lesson from last week, do first.

    Teachers can see if you have taken the quizzes, logged on to Thing Central, and completed Raz-Kids assignments.

     For 30-45 minutes per day complete the Journey's assignments in your Think Central "Things to Do". Access through the  Clever App.

    This week is a continuation of Lesson 15:  Why is it important to be informed about what is happening in the world?

    -You can Listen/Read the story as many times as you need.

    -There is no need to print the pages, just record your answers in a notebook or on paper.  When done, send a picture of your work through the Remind App.

    -Work at your own pace.

    -These assignments need to be completed by Friday.

    *Remember to use the RADD Strategy 

    (Restate, Answer, Detail, Detail)

    Every day for 15 minutes read a story on RAZ KIDS. First, listen to the story, then read the story independently, and finally complete the quiz.

    Monday: Fiction

    Tuesday: Non-Fiction

    Wednesday: Fiction

    Thursday: Non-Fiction

    Friday: Your choice

    Click here to log into RAZ KIDS using Clever. 

    Raz Kids Teacher username: aruffolo