Daily Schedule


    1. Set Breakfast, Lunch and Snack times

    Don't forget, you may pick up a hot lunch at the school nearest to you M-F from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

     2. Plan time for fun

    Play a family game! Please remember to also encourage your child to engage in child-led play. Children learn when they are imagining and creating, i.e. playing with blocks, cars, dolls.

     3. Break the day up

    Set a specific time for each subject.

     4. Decide when to have your child complete their schoolwork

    What time of day does your child do his/her best work?

     5. Schedule time for recess

    Get outside! The weather has been absolutely beautiful! Participate in a fun activity, i.e. use chalk to color your sidewalk and share positive messages for your neighbors to see when they go on their daily walks!

     6. Make a screen time routine

    Limit use of electronics by setting a specific time for them.