• During this difficult time it is crucial to provide parents with resources to assist them in helping their children understand COVID-19. Upon doing my research on COVID-19 I came across a couple of great articles that I would like to share that highlight and discuss some important concerns that parents have had regarding this sensitive topic. 

    Covid-19 Prevention Methods, Explained


    How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus, written by Deborah Farmer Kris 

    In her article Deborah Farmer Kris quoted Mister Rogers, "When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary." Deborah Farmer Kris stated that when speaking with your children you should,

    • Share age-appropriate facts and correct misinformation
    • Reassure your children that they are safe
    • Discuss ways your family can be "germ busters"
      1. Wash your hands
      2. Cough and sneeze into your elbow
      3. Rest when you are not feeling well
      4. Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods daily


    Parenting During Coronavirus: You Are Enough, written by Rebecca Parlakian

    In her article Rebecca Parlakian stresses the importance of parents taking a breath and encourages parents to acknowledge that they are doing great. It is so important for parents/guardians to practice self-care by taking care of their emotional health when helping their children navigate this crisis. 

    10 Mental Health Signs To Watch Out For In Kids In The Age Of Covid-19 by Caroline Bologna

     Cute print and color activity on correct handwashing!

     Fun video on the correct way to sneeze!